Name:圆环白镍色32x4.9 16.8g

Size:Inside diameter 32x4.9mm


Color:The picture is white nickel color, according to customer requirements plating


Product color card reference

Gilded Ancient black Black nickel Green ancient White Nickel
Gilded Ancient black Black nickel Green ancient White Nickel

Product Description

    Sophistication hardware factory specializing in the production line deduction for many years, has done a variety of line deduction D buckle, D word deduction, half buckle, square buckle, pull the core buckle, ring, hoop, hoops, Triangle button, egg buckle, Carabiner , belt buckle, pin through the opening laps, collar, activities deduction, gourd buckle, curtain buckle, shaped deduction, the size of a comprehensive, innovative design, fine workmanship, quality and cheap
    Line thickness 0.8 ~ 8mm, internal dimensions are not limited
    Material can be copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, stainless iron, alloy plating white nickel, black nickel, matte nickel, antique silver, bronze, red bronze, black and bronze, imitation gold, nickel, gold, voucher, pale gold, white zinc, blue zinc, color zinc, chrome, brushed, etc.
    Surface treatment: barrel plating, hanging plating, electrophoresis, injection, spray
    Welcome to OEM!

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